Hi, I'm a freelance photographer based in Cologne, originally from Bavaria.

After five years in Cologne and 10 years working in IT technology, I discovered that my true passion lies in photography, not just IT. This revelation has shaped my current path.

Photography Focus
I specialize in portrait and event photography, where my main goal is to capture genuine moments and emotions. My experience with the Adobe suite, especially Photoshop and Lightroom Classic, aids me in bringing out the best in each photo.

When I'm not behind the camera, you'll find me playing guitar or planning my next travel adventure. These hobbies not only relax me but also inspire my photography work.

My Approach
In my work, I prioritize understanding my client's vision to deliver results that truly resonate with them. I aim for a natural and comfortable experience during shoots, ensuring that each session is enjoyable and authentic.

I draw inspiration from the likes of Platon and Joel Meyerowitz, whose works challenge and motivate me to grow in my art.

My ultimate goal is to fully sustain myself through photography and to use it as a medium to explore new places and experiences.

Personal Touch 
I believe a great portrait is like a conversation. It's about making the person in front of the lens feel seen and understood, not just photographed.

Favorite Quote
A guiding thought for me is, "How would your photography change if no one ever saw it?" This keeps me focused on the art rather than just the outcome.

Was this written by ChatGPT?
Absolutely yes!

Let's Connect 
If you're looking for a photographer who values authenticity and connection, feel free to reach out. I'm always excited to embark on new photographic adventures!
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